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9 Best Chiminea Ideas for 2023

A new Chiminea is one of the best ways to enjoy summer evenings outdoors.

Chiminea fire pits provide exceptional warmth and ambiance. They can be used for cooking or simply relaxing by the fire. But with so many different styles and designs on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of wonderful Chimineas to help you make the perfect selection for your patio, deck, backyard oasis, and large or small space.

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New chimineas can be found in all types of shapes, sizes, fuel preferences, and materials to suit your needs. You can get them built of aluminum, cast iron, clay, Stainless-steel, and copper. They can be found in a traditional rustic look or a clean modern look. You also get a choice of fuel preference of either wood burning or gas.

So, what is a chiminea, and which is the best for you and your family?

Wikipedia: (A chimenea /tʃɪmɪˈneɪ.ə/, also spelled chiminea (from Spanish: chimenea which derives from French cheminée, “chimney”), is a freestanding front-loading fireplace or oven with a bulbous body and usually a vertical smoke vent or chimney.)

The type you purchase will ultimately depend on the size of the living space you want to use it in, whether or not you want to cook with it, and the height, width, and look you desire.

Let’s take a look at some of your options!

1. Sunnydaze Black Steel Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Black Steel Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit


Entertaining guests and showcasing your style will be an ease with this sleek and impressive small area chiminea. Enjoy the open fire pit design while the smoke and soot are drawn up and away. The matte black design makes a wonderful addition to your patio. Enjoy hours of socializing, and gathering around the heat of the fire.




The Blue Rooster Butterfly Chiminea is a solid cast aluminum option that will provide years of worry-free use. An efficient, clean burning traditional style is a good choice for spaces where a fire pit might not be unsafe. The decoration of butterflies dancing in reeds makes it a curious conversation for any gathering. Can be purchased in either wood-burning or propane/natural gas models.

3. Huma Cast Iron Wood Burning Outdoor Chiminea


Stay outside your house longer in the evenings with this large option that brings both heat and beautiful elements to any outdoor living space. This high-quality fireplace with its classic unique design compliments any space. Three rugged legs give the piece a firm footing. As time passes this piece will develop a beautiful patina as a result of rust caused by heat, weather, and years of use.


Huma Chiminea

4. The Gatsby Chiminea

 The Gatsby Chiminea


This old Victorian design, the Gatsby is a cast aluminum

chiminea option is exclusive to The Blue Rooster company. It is their most popular medium-sized chiminea. The Gatsby chiminea

has a large-capacity firebox. This option comes in a wood or gas-burning model.

5. Houle Cast Iron Wood Burning Outdoor Chiminea


This high-quality heavy-duty chiminea with its simple appearance is an excellent choice of decor for any small space patio or deck. It has a firm foundation of three strong legs, and the body consists of an open mesh construction making the fire visible from all sides and allowing the heat to radiate in all directions.

Houle Chiminea

6. Prairie Fire Chiminea

Prairie Fire Chiminea


The Prairie Fire is a large chiminea option and is another Blue Rooster original design. Designed for efficient drafting to create a hotter burning fire and cleaner output. The Prairie Fire handles 14″+ fire logs and has a large mouth opening. The design offers a fuller view of the fire. Safety doors with rugged hinges provide easy access for adding wood. An Efficient design for high-efficiency drafting also allows for the cleanest burning fire.

7. Amabel Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Chiminea


This outdoor fireplace wood-burning chiminea will add instant charm to your deck, yard, or outdoor social space with this sleek and simple chimney design. This Chiminea has a rugged metal stand that gives it a sturdy foundation. The partially enclosed rustic design makes this chiminea a good option for smaller outdoor spaces.

Amabel Chiminea

8. Venetian Chiminea

Venetian Chiminea


Another beautiful aluminum Blue Rooster Company option. The Venetian Grill Chiminea will make an excellent traditional look centerpiece for outdoor entertaining. You can extend your evenings with a warm fire and flickering flame in your backyard. Gathering around your fire to enjoy the ambiance, roast marshmallows, or grill a meal. Your new space may become your favorite outdoor area to relax.

9. Kramer 45” H Cast Iron Wood Burning Outdoor Chiminea


The Kramer is a great option for your outdoor lounge space or patio as it leaves no one in the cold with the full round 360° firebox. With a new take on a traditional design and rugged steel construction. You can broaden your unique style into any outdoor living space and enjoy the benefits of this beautiful chiminea, it comes with everything you need to gather friends or family for the evenings.

Kramer Chiminea

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a chiminea?

A Chiminea provides a great fire pit option that draws the smoke and soot up through a chimney and carries it above and away from people gathered around the fire for a more comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Is a chiminea better than outdoor fireplaces or fire pits?

A chiminea provides the convenience of portability and ease of maintenance since they’re made from materials like iron or clay. They are also a great option for cooking. When deciding between an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, or chiminea, it is important to consider which style and mood you are going for. A fire pit can be perfect for large groups as it has an open fire with a wide seating area around it. Fireplaces offer a more traditional style that creates a warm and intimate ambiance and is suitable for smaller gatherings.

Will a chiminea keep you warm?

Yes, a chiminea can keep you warm due to its firebox design that draws fresh air into the fire and radiates heat in all directions. It’s an ideal source of heat for your outdoor space on cool nights or where fire pits are banned. A Chiminea also offers a beautiful fire display with less smoke,

Why do you put sand in the bottom of a chiminea?

Sand is often used in the firebox of a metal or clay chiminea to create an even heat distribution and prevent cracking from the fire’s extreme temperatures. It also helps protect the firebox from becoming overly hot and protects any logs that may be burning inside. Sand can also help absorb moisture which can help keep the firewood dryer for longer burn times.

My Final Take on The Best Chiminea!

1. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy and protect your patio, deck, or backyard this summer, consider investing in a beautiful chiminea. 

2. Chimineas are perfect for roasting marshmallows, cooking hot dogs, or just providing warmth on a cool night. 

3. Choose a size that’s appropriate for your needs – if you have a large family, you’ll need a bigger model than if you’re single or have a small patio area.

4. Consider the material it’s made from – clay chimineas are traditional but can crack over time, while metal models will last longer but may be more expensive upfront.

5. Pick a design that fits your style – there are many different options available, from classic to modern and metal to clay chimineas.

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