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8 Best Above Ground Pool Ideas in 2023

Are you looking to upgrade an outdoor living space with an above ground pool?

You’ve come to the right place! Here we have compiled a list of some great above ground pools for your backyard and ideas that will give you the best bang for your buck and at a much lower cost than an inground pool.

With so many choices on ways to stay cool in the summer: in ground pools, above ground pools, inflatable pools, rectangular pools, round pools, shallow, deep, permanent, and movable, it can be a challenge to find the right one for your family.

Above ground pools are a great way to enjoy some quality time with your family, while also getting the best swim of your life. Whether you’re looking for a classic steel pool or something more out of the box, we have the perfect above ground pool ideas to suit any budget!

From oval pools with the best features and amenities to framed above ground pools for a modern twist on a classic design, you’re sure to find something that fits both your style and your budget. And don’t forget – above ground pools are easy to maintain and can be enjoyed by all ages!

So, what are some of the best ideas in above ground pools for the 2023 swim season?

Here some of the best above ground pool ideas taking into consideration the quality, durability, and your budget. So get ready for summer, improve your backyard living space, and invest in a quality above ground pool for your family.

1. Concord Oval Steel Pools

Concord Pool

48″ or 52″ High corrosion-resistant galvanized steel walls, 5″ Rust-proof coated galvanized steel uprights, 6″ Rust-proof coated galvanized steel top ledge, Painted Steel-Bottom Rail, Steel-Stabilizer, Steel-Bottom Plate, Steel-Top Plate, 1 piece-Ledge Cover.


A Concord steel pool will add great value to your outdoor living space. They are well built, strong, and durable. These above ground pools combine quality with affordability and will give your family years of enjoyment.

This steel frame pool Features 5″ uprights, a 6″ top ledge, a 1-piece ledge cover, a painted steel bottom rail, a steel top plate, a steel bottom plate, and steel stabilizer.It also includes a wide-mouth wall pool skimmer and return assembly. It comes with a beautiful Sand wall pattern.

2. Aquarian Phoenix 21′ x 52″ Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool


With the Aquarian Phoenix above ground pool, you will be able to create your own backyard pool paradise.

The Aquarian Phoenix is an easy-to-assemble above ground swimming pool that will provide hours of fun in the sun and summer waves for your family and friends.

This high-quality round pool has a durable corrosion resistant steel pool frame. This is a wonderful choice in above ground swimming pools with its beautiful design and polished finish. It is the delight of pool owners with its low-maintenance equipment and pumping system.

Aquarian Pool

The kit Includes a sand filter and pump, skimmer, liner, and ladder. This twenty-one-foot round above-ground pool is 52 inches high, A 2,400 gallons per hour sand filter pump and features a high-quality, transparent debris trap so you can see the pump’s effectiveness.

3. Aqua Blue 9′ x 19′ Oval So’ Wall Pool 48″ Deep

Aqua Blue Pool

Made of heavy gauge reinforced poly fabric 3-ply material, Quick assembly system, Baked enamel coated galvanized steel, 1.75″ vertical support uprights, Oval shaped soft wall pool, 48″ Deep, Dimensions: 9′ x 19′


The soft wall Aqua Blue Oval Pool assembles quickly in a couple of hours. In no time your family will be able to enjoy your new above ground pool.

This pool is easy enough to take down each year extending the life of the pool and its equipment. This is one of those above ground swimming pools that would be easy to disassemble and move to different locations to try out in your outdoor living spaces.

4. 12′ Round 52″ Embassy Andes by H.I.I. MFG of Doughboy


Another beautiful option in the steel frame pools category is the Embassy Andes Round Pool which features a beautiful combination of light and dark brown tones which will give you a pop of accent colors in your backyard!

Compliment your landscape with this above ground pool and its 8″ Resin Top Seats and 8″ Coated Steel Uprights. The design and construction of the Embassy Andes will be sure to stand the test of time!

The clincher is the Com-Pac Oval Support Systems on Oval Andes above ground pools that will minimize the needed space to fit your pool in your outdoor living space.

Embassy Andes Pool

8″ Resin Top Seats and 8″ Coated Steel Uprights in a beautiful blend of brown tones. 52″, hot-dipped galvanized copper bearing steel wall in the beautiful Embasssy Andes pattern. It includes a staggered bolt wall closure providing maximum strength and stability in the wall. The pool wall is corrugated for flexibility and vertical strength.

5. 32 ft. x 16 ft. x 52 in. Ultra XTR Rectangular Swimming Pool Set with Pump

Ultra XTR Rectangular Swimming Pool

The Intex ultra xtr rectangular pool includes a sand/saltwater sand filter system pump, removable ladder, debris cover, and ground cloth. The durable frame is made of high-quality, galvanized steel with a precision-engineered locking system, Gray outer liner, blue tile-print inner liner, and pool cover. Galvanized corrosion resistant steel frame with inner and outer powder coating for powerful rust protection.


Start the summer fun with the Intex Ultra XTR Frame rectangular pool set. A top performer in the saltwater systems category is definitely a winner with its sand filtration system.

The above ground swimming pool design is the perfect pool for narrow backyards, lap swimmers, and pool games.

The Intex Pool Ultra XTR Frame design provides rugged durability and a smooth gray finish, with quick and easy setup.

This rectangular pool has everything your family needs for great swimming and a wonderful experience for pool owners.

6. Summer Waves Elite 20ft x 48in Above Ground Frame Swimming Pool with pool pump


Cool off this summer with your Summer Waves Elite 20 foot above ground swimming pool with a steel frame.

One of the best above ground pools in its class that has everything you need for you and your family to enjoy your outdoor living area this summer.

Triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material. Includes SFX1500 SkimmerPlus 110V 120V filter pump. Rust resistant, galvanized steel frame stands up to heavy use and the elements, Constructed of triple layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material

The whole thing can be set up in as less than an hour.

Summer Waves Above Ground Pool

This circular above ground swimming pool comes with a SFX1500 SkimmerPlus filter pump, steel frame, removable ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, a twenty-pound bucket of pool care solution blend, and a deluxe maintenance kit.

,Ready for water in as little as 60 minutes, Recommended for ages 6 and up, Color: Gray wicker print, Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 4 feet.

7. Weekender Value 18′ X 48″ Round Above Ground Pool Package

Weekender Pool

The Weekender comes with painted galvanized steel top and bottom tracks with galvanized steel top and bottom connectors, and interlocking resin caps, with a sand filter pump system, thru-wall pool skimmer, overlap blue pool liner, and an A-frame entry ladder, special polyester Krystal Kote finish, 48″ heavy duty corrosion-resistant walls


The Weekender Value 18′ Round Above Ground swimming pool package is an easy-to-install DIY weekend backyard pool project. It adds an attractive and affordable amenity to your backyard sanctuary. The Weekender Value Pool features painted galvanized steel 6″ ledges and 5″ uprights with Krystal Kote sealant providing years of lasting utility and fun. The Weekender Value is a complete Above Ground swimming pool Package that you need to enjoy your summer. This quick-installation pool is a metal frame pool built like a fully constructed above ground pool with the cost of a soft-sided pool. Luxury is affordable with this above ground swimming pool package

8.)INTEX 26329EH 18ft x 52in Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump


Intex Ultra XTR Frame pools are built exclusively with Intex Krystal Clear sand filter pumps with Hydro Aeration Technology. As one of the best above ground pools available they provide the best filter pump and filtration performance and unmatched water clarity in the pool industry. The fact that the sand only needs routine backwashing and replacement every 5 years makes maintenance very simple. The frame combines high-quality galvanized steel with precision engineered locking system, enhancing the overall quality, durability and stability of the pools. Constructed with inner and outer powder coating ensures resistance to corrosion and rust. This pool is easy to assemble with the steel frame components simply snapping together with no locking pins needed.


Removable Ladder with Hi-impact slip-resistant steps, Coated corrosion resistant steel frame, 300 lb. capacity, Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump, 12-inch diameter corrosion resistant tank, Water flow rate at pump (pump capacity): 2,100 gal/hr, Water flow rate at pool (system flow rate): 1,600 gal/hr, Timer with 1 to 12 hour pre-set cycles, Debris Cover with durable material, Rope tie to help keep cover from blowing off, Ground Cloth for Added protection for pool bottom

My Final Take On Best Above Ground Pools!

My conclusion is that the addition of an above ground pool to your backyard oasis is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy summer with family and friends. Whether you prefer an inflatable above ground pool, a steel frame above ground pool, small, large, round, rectangular or something special, there is an affordable above ground pool that you can find that will best suits your needs.

An above ground pool is a great addition to any outdoor living space. With the right pool, you can enjoy hours of fun with family and friends in a refreshing swim. To make the right choice for designing your backyard, it’s important to take into account durability, size and price. The above ground pool options included in this article are sure to satisfy any and all of your family’s needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start finding your ideal pool today!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the best type of above ground pool to purchase.

The best above ground pool for you depends on your needs, budget and how much space you have in your backyard. Inflatable above ground pools are often more affordable, easy to set up and take down, but don’t offer as much durability or last as long as steel frame above ground pools. The average cost of an above ground pool is anywhere from around $400 to over $10,000 depending on size, type and any extra features that you may want to add. Inflatable above ground pools are usually less expensive than steel frame above ground pools.

What size pool is best for an above ground pool?

The best for an above ground pool depends on the size and shape of your backyard. A 18’x48” Round Above Ground Pool Package is a great starting point as it fits in most backyards and comes with everything you need to enjoy your summer. It also provides plenty of room for swimming and games! Ultimately, finding the best above ground

What type of maintenance is required for an above ground pool?

The Maintenance required for an above ground pool is largely dependent on the type of pool you choose. Generally, it will require regular cleaning and skimming to keep the water clean and debris-free. Additionally, a weekly chlorine treatment and pump filter maintenance are recommended for best results. Once in a while, you should replace any cracked or damaged parts to maintain your pool.

What safety features should I consider when purchasing an above ground pool?

It is important to keep in mind when selecting the best above ground pool is safety. When selecting an above ground pool package, look for features such as a sturdy entry ladder with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs., galvanized steel 6″ ledges and 5″ uprights, and pool depth consistent with your families skills and abilities.

What is the best way to install an above ground pool?

The best way to install an above ground pool is with the help of a professional. Although there are DIY kits available, it is best advised to consult a local pool expert for the best results. Professional installation ensures proper leveling of the frame and liner as well as adequate placement of all components such as pumps, filters, and skimmers.

Are there any additional costs associated with owning an above ground pool?

Yes, there are additional costs associated with owning an above ground pool. Depending on the type of pool you choose, these additional costs may include regular maintenance treatments, periodic filter replacements and cleaning supplies such as vacuums and skimmers. Additionally, you may need to invest in a heater or solar cover if desired.

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