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Missions, Ministries, and Community Service:

Peachtree/Pine Homeless Shelter – Feeding the homeless in Atlanta.
Samaritans Purse – Disaster Relief Operations, Mudouts, and Construction.
Builders for Christ – Construction Projects, North America.
Habitat for Humanity – Build homes for Atlanta families.
Hand and Feet Ministries – Mexico. Build schools, Churches, and Medical Facilities.
First Day Ministries – Ethiopia, Medical Mission, and Pastor Training.
Cobb Street Ministry – Help families in need in the local community.
Home Church Mission – New Mexico – Indian Reservation Construction and Medical.
-Mississippi – Disaster Relief. Hurricane Katrina.
-Alabama – Disaster Relief, Construction.
-Tennessee – Disaster Relief, Construction.
Safe House Outreach – Homeless Shelter, Atlanta.
Member of: Georgia Baptist Convention – Disaster Relief.

About Me

In the Beginning,

Got my start in Glendale, California way back in the middle 20th century.

After the Beginning,

At nineteen, I moved to Mt. Shasta, CA. At 25 I built my own Dream Living Space for my wife and 2 daughters.  I worked at a door factory during the day and worked on my house every waking moment. In the meantime, I learned to do framing, siding, roofing, electrical, stonework, painting, plumbing, and every skill I would need to build my own house. Back then books were our only resource for learning so every waking moment outside of work or building I had my head in a book.

After that,  I moved on to Sacramento, CA. I Met my current wife, and after our son finished Kindergarten, we decided to move out of California and moved to the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.   Work was plentiful, the cost of living was a portion of California’s, and the schools were rated very high.  So off we went.

A New Beginning,

Since then I’ve spent the majority of my time working for landscape contractors or my own landscape/irrigation business.  I bounced around quite a bit and just wasn’t really happy with what I was doing. 

Over the last 20 years, I have enjoyed using all of my building skills to do volunteer work building Churches, Schools, Chapels, and Community Centers in Ethiopia, Wyoming, Tennesee, New Mexico, and Alabama along with many trips to Mexico. My most recent project was with a group that built “tiny homes” for abused women with children. Basically, a great place to live while they got their new life back in order.

Finally, I made the decision to do something that could really help people by providing them with a way to find the information and products they need. Specifically, the tools and resources they need to design, build, and upgrade their Living Spaces into something that they would enjoy coming home to at the end of the day.

So here I am.

Here to help You!

Let’s Build it Together

Are You Ready To Purchase The Products For Your Dream Home Living Spaces?